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How To Use Incense to Clear Negativity

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Common and lesser-known techniques for transmuting unwanted emotional energies

By Kenan Laprath

Simple Tips to help in Harmonizing the Psychic Energies at Home (or anywhere)

Everyone gets upset – but there’s no reason to stay that way. Thoughts are just as transient as the wind, and just like you would open up the windows to let out a bad smell, igniting incense brings in a fresh, revitalizing energy. It is every individual’s choice each moment how we think about our surroundings, and having Incense lit certainly makes choosing a high vibration easier.

A good quality or grade of incense is recommended as there are many inexpensive options available that can contain harmful carcinogens when burned. As a precaution, it’s always best to burn incense in well-ventilated areas to prevent any harm related to smoke inhalation.

Here, I’ll be outlining a few helpful techniques to get the most out of anything you decide to burn.

Tip #1 - Visualize Your Intention

Whether it's to help wake up in the morning, unwind after a long day, prepare for meditation, or clear a particular space, having a clear picture of what you want the incense to help you with will make a significant difference in the change of energy.

Tip #2 - Honestly Assess How You Are Feeling

Objectively observing our state of mind is a powerful skill that once mastered gives us the ability to quickly change how we're feeling if we don't like what we see.

The conscious mind is amazing, it's capable of imagining and comprehending nearly anything. The unconscious mind then takes those myriad thoughts and feelings and begins the process of creating them.

Keeping in mind that every thought we have manifests in some form or another, it's important to outweigh any low vibrations with loving kindness if that's what is desired in your life.

Lighting incense is one of the fastest ways to bring a both strong and positive vibration to a space - particularly if it's a smell you're familiar with!

"Smell and emotion are stored as one memory" – Dawn Goldworm In the 2020 article: How scent, emotion, and memory are intertwined — and exploited – Harvard Gazette

Tip #3 - Vocalize your Intent, Prayer, or a Mantra

Speaking words is an act of creation - we're actively making sound based on whatever it is we're attempting to convey. Even if alone, saying a prayer or mantra in addition to lighting your incense will set the charge for the field of energy that the burning incense creates.

An act as simple as intoning the lord's prayer while lighting incense effects a permanent positive change to the vibratory rate of any space. Another commonly used recitation to remove negativity is "Om Namah Shiviya."

Tip #4 - Consistency is Key

The act of intentionally lighting incense to create a sacred or protected space has a cumulative effect. Just like the famous idiom claims, practice really does make perfect. Over time, a home where incense is burned with right intent will feel incrementally more sacred.

Taking the time to step into this spiritual mindset not only benefits the space we're in, but also improves overall mental wellbeing. By regularly deciding to go into the spiritual mindset necessary to maximize the advantageous qualities brought about by this sort of practice, it also makes us as individuals more able to tune into and transmute our own consciousness as needed.

Tip #5 - Individualize and Create

Whether we are conscious of it or not, we are all creating our individual realities with our thoughts. Life is meant to be fun, and fun is an important part of this work as well. It is now common knowledge that both the body and mind functions optimally when we experience elevated states of consciousness like joy and love. So then, why wouldn't we make the obvious choice in every moment and choose to be that love?

Each of us is here on earth to learn a set of lessons that we're fully equipped for. Remember to be brave in this life and make choices knowing that the best possible outcome is on its way. Let's ask for a future that is so excellent and amazing that it's beyond our current ability to comprehend just how wonderful it will be.

Let's Keep Making life Better and Better

It's our choice moment to moment who we show up as and how we decide to act. Let's all do our best to be kind, joyful, and loving beings at all times!

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Here's a clip from the show.

Great Blessings to you ALL!!

Christopher and Kenan LaPrath

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