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Seeing the unseen takes on many forms. Chris is guided intuitively to deliver the best , most powerful answers to all of your life's questions.

Award Winning Author, Lecturer, Business Coach, Healer and Insight Practitioner


In addition to his informal schooling, Christopher Louis LaPrath has a Masters Degree in Human Dynamics from Western International University, a Psychology degree from Axia University, and holds a degree in Sales and Marketing. He has lectured all over the world, to groups as large as 30,000.

Chris speaks Mandarin Chinese, having lived for several years in the Republic of China. He has traveled to many countries, learning from Masters of many different cultures and religions. 

As an Insight Practitioner, his master skill:  “Seeing The Unseen,"  helps people to release the blocks that prevent true meaning, purpose, prosperity and love in life.  The insight Chris is able to access, "turns on" Cosmic Awareness, thus expanding the possibilities presently available to the person.  It's a life-changer!

Each of us has the capacity to expand far beyond what we are presently aware of!   Chris has the ability to "SEE" far beyond a person’s present awareness, and help them partner with their own INNER cosmic awareness on their personal journey. 

His book, TRESTLE CREEK: THINGS THE DEAD FEAR won the Hollywood Book Festival award for best Non-Fiction. The book is based on Chris’s journey ... his life desperately unraveling to the core ...  and a mysterious couple who guide him back to his own INNER KNOWING through a consciousness EXPEDITION.  This expedition connected Chris with the exceptional GIFTS he always had, but was previously unaware of.  Since then, Chris has been assisting others on their journey. 

'Trestle Creek' is Chris' remarkable true story of  life; a family terrorized by a possessed father; a mother who must awaken from denial to save her family ... a house haunted with good and evil forces ... and a boy who can see ‘beyond' ...  including the dead. By necessity, Chris embarked on his own InnerExpedition at a very early age experiencing greater things that haunt people than just the dead; things that block our ability to expand our consciousness, and things unseen by most people. 


Is your personal life or business faltering? Are you  lacking focus, balance, harmony, good physical, emotional or financial health?

Do you know that your answers lay within?

We KNOW there is something awaiting us that far exceeds anything we have already experienced and we ask .... HOW can I go beyond and be more?

Each of us has the capacity to expand far beyond  that which we are presently aware!   Christopher LaPrath is an "Insight Practitioner" with the ability to "SEE" far beyond a person’s present awareness, and help them partner to "see the unseen." 

Together we will take an "Inner Expedition," It makes no difference where you are in your life journey ... only that your desire exists … to move forward....evolve, transform and accomplish so much more.

What Clients Are Saying

Chris has an amazing gift that can change peoples lives. 

He has done numerous readings for me when I had very specific questions about stages of my life.  Each time, I left with more clarity, direction and confidence.  Chris has a great way of explaining messages from Guides or meanings of cards in a way that not only make sense, but also educates you more about yourself and the process.  What seems effortless for him has had a tremendous and positive impact on my life.  He has helped transform my life!  Chris is a trusted source for me and I believe would be a divine connection for anyone seeking out guidance.

Mike M. - Charlotte, N.C.

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