TRESTLE CREEK: Things The Dead Fear (Volume 1) by Christopher Louis LaPrath (2012-04-14) Paperback

Chris LaPrath is a devout man whose life is unraveling. He is well respected in his church and by all appearances is a great family man but something is wrong within … and Chris knows he needs help. Through a chance meeting with a strange and mysterious couple, Chris begins to receive help, but … help in a way that is far from conventional. He is transported back in time, forced to look at his childhood surrounded by spirits; both from the angelic and demonic realm.

The period to which he is taken is 1962; the place; Northern Idaho, a secluded area called Trestle Creek. Edna, Chris’s Mother, thought moving the family out of Sand Point might solve their problems. It seems the family lived in perpetual fear… fear of what the neighbors might think, fear of saying something that would bring the wrath of hell down on them, fear for their lives.

Their problem was Owen, his father, and unfortunately Owen was driving the car that took them to their new home in Trestle Creek.

The house was unassuming at first look. Excited at the possibility of something new, the family quickly settled in with a burgeoning hope that everything would change ... including Owen.. Their collective dis-ease permeated the house as they held their breath waiting for Owens’s first tirade but the house beat him to it. The house is possessed with unbelievable terror.

Little does the family know that the foul smelling WWI Army uniform that keeps returning to the house and an ancient book of sorcery and alchemy, handed down for hundreds of years through Owen’s family, hold an entire new reality about to be revealed.

Will Chris remember the gifts bestowed upon him as a child or keep them eternally locked away? Will Edna and her family escape the living hell of Owen now populated by the needy dead?

This is a true story about a young boy’s journey from a hellish childhood to manhood while caught between his earthly reality and a spiritual realm. Chris communicates with the dead. As a child, he was their mouthpiece … he was their voice and Chris understood well those things of Trestle Creek that were haunting more than his family.

He had a front row seat to those things even the dead fear.

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This is a book you buy to keep. It is self help even when you think you don't need it. It's like waking up from a nap you slept too long. You recognize you are changing the way your soul thinks. This is the soul less traveled for the inner child to be a peace, to understand why we do the things we do as adults. And it is awesome.


I received the book on Monday and finished reading it Tuesday evening. I was immediately pulled in to the world Chris vividly described and saw the story unfold as If i was there.  I have never completed a book so  quickly and I did not want it to end. I highly recommend this great read to everyone! You never know what you learn and experience from a amazing written story..


"This debut novel by a talented new novelist breaks all the rules, will keep you reading every last word and then wanting more."


"This book is mesmerizing and Chris LaPrath is an incredible writer. Not since Ken Follett have I read anything that grips the imagination with such expressive emotion drawing you into the story. I want more!"