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A Business Consultant that helps you see the unseen.

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

In A Christmas Carol, Scrooge’s former business partner Jacob Marley haunts him one night with a warning about his future. That warning sets the stage for a night that would forever change the course of Scrooge’s history, unlocking a happiness inside his heart that up to that day remained as closed as the grave.

Everyone needs a Jacob Marley working with them! Do you?

You don’t know what you don’t know. There is the conundrum! How does one even know or find out what they don’t know and what would it matter anyway? This question is especially important for a company and the leading officers of that company.

For me, that story is more than JUST a story with allegorical meanings. It is REAL! Or I should say the concepts are real.

“The Universe is stranger than we CAN think”, said Werner Heisenberg, a founder of Quantum Physics.

Einstein said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

As humans we only see about 2% of the electromagnetic spectrum… is there something else that lies beyond our visible spectrum that is affecting our lives and our businesses?

Does your business include the ‘subtle’ as opposed to the ‘gross’ material substance? There are thousands of professional consultants that come in handy when specialist knowledge is needed for a project or problem. An organization can simply lack the sufficient in-house capacity to tackle a specific issue and a consultant can help to properly assess the risks and issues.

We interact with consultants every day. For example: That little bump on your back that you can’t see? You ask a loved one or doctor to take a look. Spider bite? Mole? Hair follicle inflamed? This feedback and perhaps a good scratch of the back by this person, puts our minds at ease and/or helps us to take the necessary steps to remedy that bump!

Individuals live life, ideally, from a balance of the wheels of heart and mind. That is the bicycle, a two wheeled vehicle that once in motion continues to move forward. What happens though, when the bike slows down or stops? One has to balance with their feet or tip over! How much more stable is a three or four wheeled vehicle? Much more stable!

We are not talking about bicycles here, as you know. We are talking about your life, your career, your business. Life is better when it is balanced with heart, mind and a third unseen force. I refer to the mind and heart here as two unseen forces, rather than the literal mind and heart. This third unseen force is ‘spirit’. What forces impact your life and business that you simply cannot ‘see’? What you can’t see, CAN hurt you and your business.

Enter Jacob Marley. At first, Scrooge wanted to explain away, with his left brain that the apparition of Jacob was a bit of undigested food. Not the case. There are forces that govern us and can be in our ‘field’ without us being consciously aware of them. We can ‘feel’ them at times. We may KNOW something is off or feels wrong, but we simply cannot pinpoint the source.

My specialty is pinpointing that source. Pointing out your ‘Jacob’ and the messages ‘he’ has.

I run interference for individuals and companies that have ongoing ‘Bah humbug’ situations and who have tried every avenue to break previous impenetrable barriers to issues and the ability to expand

As I sat on the aisle seat of the plane, a woman took the window seat. I said nothing as the plane ascended, but 10 minutes into the air, an elderly woman appeared in the aisle next to me, screaming,


I turned to the woman and relayed the message from her Grandmother. The woman burst into tears and told me, that very morning she said a prayer that she would receive an indisputable sign as to whether she should break up with her fiancé or not. He was more than a fiancé, they also worked together.

She got the sign, but it was more that personal. She was a very well known and well paid Brand manager for several large companies. This relationship had been affecting her work. She NOW had clear, indisputable messages as to how to clear that interference. She is now even more successful and is freed up for a more, non-distracting relationship.

A CEO brought me in to meet his business partner, and I was introduced as a ‘family friend’. The CEO wanted my insight on his ‘partner’! I went to lunch with the two of them. Afterwards, I told the CEO, that this ‘partner’ had ulterior motives and to be very careful and if possible to do whatever it took to break the partnership.

The CEO did not listen and six months later the company had been torn apart and sold by this ‘partner’ with malicious intent.

Outside our ‘spectrum’ of visibility and understanding, lies an entire Universe of Unknown. I do not pretend to know everything, I can only share with you what I see and feel about your situation or company and I am willing to be of service to you.


Unlike other psychics, Chris is different in that all readings are booked anonymously by an outside agency. The random number is the only information shared with LaPrath. It establishes immediate trust with the client that no data mining has occurred in advance, and that this is truly an ‘other worldly’ experience. LaPrath’s backstory is as unique as his approach. A highly degreed academic, a published author and the survivor of an abusive childhood, exacerbated by growing up in a haunted house in rural Idaho. During the day LaPrath is a university doctoral advisor, with a Masters Degree in Human Dynamics from Western International University, and a Psychology degree from Axia University. He has lectured all over the world, to groups as large as 30,000. LaParath speaks Mandarin Chinese, having lived for several years in the Republic of China. His book, TRESTLE CREEK: THINGS THE DEAD FEAR won the Hollywood Book Festival award for best non-fiction.


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