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Seeing the Unseen

I had not seen Don (I changed the name for privacy) in a few years. We had worked together at a company for a long while and he had then moved to Texas. He returned about 3 years later, here to Phoenix, and he took me to dinner. We met at the restaurant, ordered our food and began to catch up on all the events over the past few years that we had missed in each others’ lives.

I suddenly felt a bit dizzy and stared at my plate to regain balance, hoping the feeling would pass and it did simmer down after a few seconds. When I raised my head to again give my attention to what Don was saying, the ENTIRE left side of his head was bashed in. There was blood everywhere!

I could not speak but looked at him in horror!

He immediately became alarmed by seeing the look on my face, which I was totally oblivious to, as I was focused on his head. I did not know what was happening and I could not stop staring at his vicious wound!

“What is WRONG? What is the Matter?” Don almost shouted, but kept his voice at an intense level so as not to disturb the other diners.

“Don, the entire left side of your head is bashed in, there is blood everywhere!” I answered, not caring if he thought I was crazy or not.

“How do you KNOW about that? I have NEVER told you, and I NEVER talk about it with anyone!” He said, in a state of disbelief.

He then told me the story that had happened nearly 45 year ago, when he was just 18 years old.

He and a girl were walking through a park one early evening. 3 men jumped John and the girl. They demanded money and John opened his wallet to only show one dollar. The thieves became enraged and took a tire iron to the left side of John’s head, beating him severely and leaving him for dead. They also seriously hurt the girl.

From that time of getting hurt, Don never married and had only relationships that turned into some friendships over the years. If the brain experiences trauma, then the number one job of the brain is to PROTECT that person. His belief system became that he could not protect a woman and that he needed money. He has made very good money over the years, but is never enough. What if he got robbed again? He had to have enough money on him to give to the robbers so he would not get killed or seriously hurt again. But the brain does NOT know exactly how much money that is, so it drives him to make more and more.

I believe I saw this event nearly 45 years after it happened because Don needed the information to rewire his brain and belief system. He wants a relationship, he wants to retire and have enough.

I sent him to a Neuroscientist friend of mine for evaluation and the neuroscientist really helped Don make significant progress and that progress is still ongoing at the writing of this.

I really did not know why I saw what I saw with Don, but I will tell you it was GRAPHIC! I wanted to know why and how I saw this and why and how I see what I do when I give readings.


I WENT TO SEE THE NEUROSCIENTIST. I did all the tests and returned for the results. I sat in his office and he came and sat down, across the desk from me.

The first question he asked me is…”Mr. LaPrath, how much LSD do you take every day?”

I started laughing, thinking it was a joke.

He was not kidding.

“I have never taken drugs, I can barely have a glass of wine!” I answered, once I gathered my wits.

“Why would you ask such a thing?” I questioned back to him.

“Your test results are the same as someone who has been tested, but who was on LSD! BUT, you seen to control it. Everyone’s neurons in the brain fire generally ONE direction. Your neurons fire BOTH directions like someone on LSD. The difference is, YOU CONTROL IT! I have NEVER seen test results like this and there have never been any studies done on this phenomena. We do not know the outcome of such a unique firing of the neurons in your brain and I have tested many people claiming to be psychic, but their brains were not that unique at all from the rest of the population. In addition your Parietal lobe, the area that does sensing in the visual and auditory and analysis of space to the motor system in the body, is over 200% of what is considered ‘normal’."

I received this in writing from him:

“The neural assessment tests for 3 main things; structure (is the area as large as it should be), function (is it working at 100%... or less), and connections (is it talking to the correct areas). This gives a comprehensive picture of the brain, all of its deficits, and all of its strengths. It also tells me important information about neurotransmitter function, and how the brain is communicating with itself.

It is widely regarded in the neuroscience field that if there are senses or abilities that we do not know of yet, they are likely to be in these areas of the brain. This gives Chris the ability to feel, sense, and be aware of things that a ‘neuro-typical’ patient would not be able to recognize, let alone make sense of. His neurological profile matches his career choice; powerful, and unknown to most.

This natural function is naturally heightened in Chris, meaning he can have the potential for the profound experiences usually granted to a ‘neuro-typical’ person only by taking strong hallucinogens.

Again, this is not to be misconstrued with Chris hallucinating constantly, or even intermittently, he is not. Hallucinogenic drugs can bring people to profound places where they can talk to their ego, communicate with a past self, make peace with their demons, and potentially have an ego-death where they experience what life would be like if they had actually died. Chris has a heightened ability to experience all of these, and most likely a number of other profound experiences that most people do not have access to. I need to stress the rarity of this ability, to say I have never seen this before would be an understatement.

Both of these strengths combined grants Chris the potential ability to feel, sense, recognize, and make sense of things that most people cannot. His potential is astounding, and rare.”

So, for me, when I sit with a person, there is no ‘time’ as we know it. There is no past or future. I see what is in your present ‘field’ or what is around you and you may not be consciously aware of what is ‘in’ that field. It could be a loved one trying to communicate with you, it could be an amazing future for you to experience, or obstacles (like Don’s head) that can be moved once you are aware of them so they no longer affect the present. The brain’s number one job is to protect a person. For Don, his time with that girl and subsequent traumatic results prevented the brain from ever allowing Don to be put in that situation again, and with so little money.

The brain does not really ‘do’ time. Think about it, you can recall an event that happened 10 years ago or more and bring up the emotions around it and it is hard to fathom that passing of time, because those memories and emotions are happening NOW, from that simple recall.

With a reading, your life can be heading down one narrow and limiting road and after that reading the future is new; a different, broader, more freeing road.

I am fully aware this is a rare gift and I am here to share it.

A woman whom I had read for 13 years ago phoned the other day. She had come to me on a Saturday, sat at my table and asked me if she should quit her job on Monday. I NEVER answered that question. What I did tell her is:

“Well, you are pregnant! It is a little girl, and she is going to be premature!”

She was offended. She adamantly denied it! Stating that if she were pregnant she would surely KNOW she was pregnant!

She left the reading, and later I found out she had gone to get a pregnancy test, and she was pregnant. Obviously, though I never answered her question about quitting her job, she kept her job and thank goodness she did, because the insurance took care of the premature birth. And YES it was a little girl.

How much did that ONE reading save her? She called, as I said earlier and expressed her gratitude as that reading saved her life and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So, I have accepted that this ‘LSD’ brain is magical! How can I use it to help you?

Great love

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