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You cannot heal what you do not see

There are places we will never visit in this one lifetime. There are people we will never meet. There are so many things beyond our understanding.

You cannot heal what you don't see, or won't see. Many times, one is at the effect of anothers anger or sadness. We are all connected. A person can and does feel anther's pain or depression. ( ie; mob mentality, even watching it, empaths can become enraged) on the other hand joy and happiness can be just as contagious!

We can't "see" these emotions, but we feel them...they are a frequency, a vibration. Like a radio picking up signals, with our bodies being the "radio".

Einstein said, "the most beautiful thing we can experience, is the mysterious" ... we may not be able to visit all the places in the world or meet everyone on Earth... but how about starting with the most mysterious thing, closest to you..YOURSELF... the mystery of your breath, your vision, your emotions and where those are coming from, are they really YOUR emotions, or did you just get off the phone with Debbie Downer?

We can feel when something is 'off in our lives, and we can choose to ignore it, OR ask for help, to clarify and turn "on" what was "off."

This is all part of experiencing the beauty of the mysterious.

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